Wednesday, September 28, 2011


 I hit 100 posts today! I know to people who've been blogging forever this seems like nothing, but to me, it's kind of a very exciting milestone. Who knew that back in June when I wanted somewhere to bitch about things, I'd have stuck with it this long?

Thank you to everyone who's been reading, and I promise to try to keep entertaining, harassing, annoying, etc. you all for the foreseeable future.

Also! See the stuff on the right there? (Well, that is, if you're reading this on my blog. If you're in a feed reader or on your phone, you can't see that. So go to my blog and read this there for once!) There's a blogroll over there. I am anal as hell about that blogroll. Those people are amazing. They are excellent bloggers, some of whom I know personally, some I don't, but all of whom you should also be reading. Go visit them! Say hi! You'll be happy you did, I promise. They make me laugh, smile, snort, think, etc. on a daily basis.

So yay, 100 posts, and here's to hundreds and hundreds more!

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